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The legislation

The legislation of Kyrgyz Republic as a legislation of another states experiencing process of change. The legislation of Kyrgyz Republic is a system of legal acts, regulating different public relations and having not same significance.

Housing Code of Kyrgyz Republic from 09 th of July 2013
Code of Kyrgyz Republic on Children from 10 th of June 2012
Tax Code of Kyrgyz Republic from 17 th of October 2008
Water Code of Kyrgyz Republic from 12 th of January 2005
Labor Code of Kyrgyz Republic from 4 th of August 2004
Custom Code of Kyrgyz Republic from 12 th of July 2004
Family code of Kyrgyz Republic from 30 th of August 2003
Civil Procedure Code of Kyrgyz Republic from 29 th of December 1999
Crime Penitentiary Code of Kyrgyz Republic from 13 th of December 1999
Forest Code of Kyrgyz Republic from 8 th of July 1999
Crime procedure Code of Kyrgyz Republic from 30 th of June 1999
Land Code of Kyrgyz Republic from 2 nd of June 1999
Code on election of Kyrgyz Republic from 29 th of May 1999
Code of Kyrgyz Republic on Administrative liability from 4 th of August 1998
Civil Code of Kyrgyz Republic (part one) from 8 th of May 1996
Air code of Kyrgyz Republic regulating housing relations, including about

Housing code regulating relations about
Emergence, implementation, change, stop the right of land tenure, using, dispose of living
premises state and municipal housing stock
Using housing premises of private housing stock
Using general property of owner of premises
Refer premises to the number of housing premises and exclusion those from housing stock
Accounting a housing stock
Upkeep and repair of housing premises
Reorganization and redevelopment of housing premises
Government Apartment flats
Order of supplied goods and utilities as a result of using housing premises
Implementation a control under using and safety of housing stocks, accordance of housing
premises with the established sanitarian and technical rules and norms, other requirements of legislation
Implementation state housing entrepreneur.
Rules of Housing right, consisting from another laws and legal acts, must accordance with present Code.
In cases of contradicting of rules of housing right consisting from another laws and legal acts to rules of present code, so rules of present Code will be applied.

2. To housing relations connecting with building, repair, redevelopment, using engineering equipment, provision payment of utility services, applies respectively legislation according to requirements, established by present code.
3. If in established order by law which came into force international treaty, participant of which Kyrgyz Republic establish another rules than that which provided by housing code applies rules of international treaties.
Code on children
Present code establishes basic guarantees of rights, freedoms and legal interests of children, provided by Constitution of Kyrgyz Republic, convention on right of children, other legal acts of Kyrgyz Republic and international treaties, which came into force in order established by law.
Kyrgyz Republic recognizes childhood as an important step in the life of person and based on principles of priority of preparation of children for full-fledged life in the public, their development of socially significant and creative activity, upbringing in them high moral qualities, patriotic and civic consciousness.
Present Code regulates relations emerging in connection with realizing the basic rights, freedoms and legal interests of Child in the Kyrgyz Republic, and applies on citizens of Kyrgyz Republic, foreign citizens and stateless person, always or timely living in territory of Kyrgyz Republic. Present code also regulates activity of state and municipal bodies, individuals and legal entities, doing protection of rights and interests of children in Kyrgyz Republic.
Tax code of Kyrgyz Republic
1. Tax code of Kyrgyz Republic regulates relations
1) On establish, realizing and collect in Kyrgyz Republic
2) On emerging in process of tax control
3) on holding to accountable for breaking requirements of present code
4) on appeal of decisions of tax authorities, actions and/or inactions of their fellow workers.

2. Relations regulating by present code are tax relations

3. To relations on collection tax from goods moving across the border of customs Union legislation of Kyrgyz Republic in sphere of customs applies in that part which is not regulated or not contradicting to tax legislation of Kyrgyz Republic

4. Relations connected with application of stabilization mode for conditions on payment of taxes, including value-added tax regulates by legislation of Kyrgyz Republic on investment. Stabilization mode established by legislation of Kyrgyz Republic on investment does not apply in relation to payment of indirect taxes
Water Code of Kyrgyz Republic
Water Code of Kyrgyz Republic regulates water relations in sphere of using, protection and development of natural resources for guaranteed, enough and safety water supply population of Kyrgyz Republic, environmental protection, ensuring rational development of water fund of Republic. In aim of realization of present Code establishes basic principles of government of water resources, determined basics of state policy on water; established competence state authorities on government water resources and water objects, made system of measures for working-out national water strategy and plans on using water resources; regulates using surface and underground water and payment for their using, determined measures on protection of water resources from pollution depletion; enacts provisions on extraordinary situations, relating to water resources and safety of dams, regulates irrigation system, established provisions on using and about land property of land fund, ensures a making of state water inspection and establishes the authorities and responsibilities of state water inspector, determines offence while using water resources, determines relation of present Code to obligations of Kyrgyz Republic on international law.
Labor Code of Kyrgyz Republic
Labor legislation is aimed at making necessary legal conditions for reaching the optimal agreement of interests of parties of labor relations, as well interests of state. Basic tasks of labor legislation are legal regulation of labor and directly connected with them relations.
On organization and government of labor
On placement at this employer
On professional preparation, retraining and rising of qualifications of cadres directly at this employer
On social partnership between employers, employees and state authorities, local government, conducting the collective bargaining, conclusions of collective treaties and agreements;
On participation representative authorities of employees and employers in establishment of conditions of labor and application of labor legislation in cases provided by law On material liability of employer and employees in sphere of labor On supervision and control under keeping labor legislation (including legislation on protection of labor) on solution of labor dispute.
Таможенный Кодекс Кыргызской Республики
Таможенный Кодекс Кыргызской Республики регулирует отношения: БикЮвозникающих из перемещения товаров и транспортных средств через таможенную границу,
установления, введения, взимания таможенных платежей, а также отношений, возникающих в процессе осуществления таможенного оформления и таможенного контроля, привлечения к ответственности за нарушения таможенных правил и обжалования актов, действий (бездействия) таможенных органов и их должностных лиц.
Family code of Kyrgyz Republic
Family is a basis of public.
Family, fatherhood, motherhood, childhood are object of care of entire public and predominantly protection by law. State ensures preparation of citizens for family life, matrimony, fatherhood and motherhood. State ensures maintaining, upbringing, education of orphans and kids, lost the parental guardianship.
Family legislation is based on necessity of family strengthening, building family relations on mutual respect feelings, mutually aid and liability under family of all its members, Impermissibility of arbitrary interference of anybody to family affairs, ensuring unhindered implementation by member of family their rights, opportunity of judicial protection of those rights, gender equality in family relations.
Recognize marriage concluded in state authorities and authorities of local government empowered to state registration acts of civil status.
Religious rites connected with issues marriage and family so they do not have legal meaning.
2. Признается брак, заключенный в государственных органах и органах местного самоуправления, наделенных полномочиями на государственную регистрацию актов гражданского состояния.
Религиозные обряды, касающиеся вопросов брака и семьи, правового значения не имеют.
3. Regulation of family relations is implemented in accordance with principles of conclusion of marriage based on a voluntary basis and mutual agreements of persons who get married, equal rights of spouses in family, solution of family issues by mutually agreements, ensuring the best interests of child, priority family upbringing of children, care about their welfare and development, ensuring proper protection of right and interests of underage and disabled members of family.
4. Any forms of limit of rights of citizens while marrying and in family relations on grounds of social, race, ethnic, language, religious belonging signs, limit in health.
Rights of citizens in the family may be limited only based on law and in that measure in which it is necessary in aim of protection of health and moral of population, protection of right and freedoms of other members of family and other persons.
Civil procedure Code of Kyrgyz Republic
Rules of Civil procedure law contained in other laws and other legal acts must conform to present code. Litigation on civil cases are implemented in accordance with law, which is in force while consideration and solution of case, doing other procedural actions, performance judicial acts.
Судопроизводство по гражданским делам осуществляется в соответствии с законом, действующим во время рассмотрения и разрешения дела, совершения отдельных процессуальных действий или исполнения судебных актов.
Tasks of civil litigation are protection of broken rights or disputed rights, freedoms or protected by law interests of citizens and legal entities regardless of ownership, state authorities and authorities of local government, other persons which are parties of civil, labor, administrative or other relations, rights and interests of Kyrgyz Republic, as well protection of public interests.
Crime penitentiary legislation of Kyrgyz Republic
consist from present Code, other laws and legal acts of Kyrgyz Republic, regulating order and condition execution and completion of punishment, as well as application of criminal legal effect for convicted, as well rules contained in international treaties of Kyrgyz Republic.

Forest Code of Kyrgyz Republic
Forest Code of Kyrgyz Republic regulates relations in sphere of protection, reproduction, rational, exhaustive using of forest, as included as not included by state forest fund, as well using land of forest fund, not covered by forest vegetation.
Land, water relations, relations on subsoil use and other relations arising while using forest fund, regulates by land water and respectively legislation of Kyrgyz Republic
Crime procedure code of Kyrgyz Republic
Tasks of crime procedure legislation are fast and full detection of crimes, inculpation and hold to accountable persons who made it, justice court proceeding and rightful application of criminal law.
Established by law order on proceeding of criminal cases must ensure protection from unsubstantiated indictment and conviction, from unlawful limit rights and freedoms of person and citizen, in cases of unlawful indictment or conviction innocent – immediate and full rehabilitation, as well contribute to strengthening of validity and rule and order, crime prevention, formation of good relation to law.
Land code of Kyrgyz Republic
Land Code regulates: Land relations in Kyrgyz Republic, grounds of emergence, order of implementation and stop rights to land and their registration, as well aimed on making land market relations in conditions of state, municipal and private ownership to land and rational using of land and its protection.
Code on election
Code on election determines suffrage of citizens of Kyrgyz Republic and their guarantees, regulates relations connected with preparation conducting of elections of president, deputies of Jogorku Kenesh, deputies of local council.
Elections in Kyrgyz Republic are being conducted based on general equal and direct suffrage at secret wallot.
Elections in Kyrgyz Republic based on free and voluntary implementation by citizens of Republic their suffrage. Nobody does not have the right to render impact to citizens in aim of compulsion them to participation or not participation in election, as well to free will expression.
Citizens of Kyrgyz Republic living or which is outside of its territory have suffrage in accordance with the present Code. Diplomatical and consular establishments of Kyrgyz Republic must contribute to citizens of Kyrgyz Republic in realization of suffrage established by present code. While conducting an election for women on a par with men ensured equal opportunities to realize of right to elect and be elected in state authorities and authorities of local government.
Code of Kyrgyz Republic on administrative liability
Legislation on administrative liability has task as protection of personality, protection of rights and freedoms of person and citizen, health, sanitary epidemiological well-being of population, public morality, property, environmental, established order of implementation of state authority and order of government, public order, rights of legal entities and their association from administrative offences, as well modern objective examination cases on administrative offences and their prevention.
Civil Code of Kyrgyz Republic
Civil legislation determines legal status of parties of civil turnover, grounds of emergence and order of implementation of property right and other proprietary right, rights for result of intellectual activity, regulates contract law and other obligations as well other property and connected with them personal non property relations.
Crime Code of Kyrgyz Republic
Regulates public relations connected with committing a crime, punishment or application other criminal legal measures, establishing grounds to hold on criminal liability or exemption from criminal liability and punishment.
Air Code of Kyrgyz Republic
establishes legal grounds of using air space and activity of aviation in aim of ensuring needs of population, economics, defense and safety of state. State regulation of using air space and activity in sphere of aviation is aimed to ensure safety of flights of air loans and air movements, effectiveness of air shipping and aviation work. Kyrgyz Republic has full and exclusive sovereignty under air space of its territory.

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